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We offer a vast number of advisory and implementation services in the areas of event consulting and strategy, event planning, management and assessment and event marketing for corporations and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Attending your event can take the place of a first sales call, therefore, moving prospects down your sales funnel faster.

Deany Dormer, Owner & Event Manager, Executive Events

Engage your tribe, create raving fans and deliver bottom line results with Event Marketing.

Scott Ingram, Business Development Executive, Relationship One

Event Marketing is all about facilitating, easing, opening, accelerating and shortening the sales cycle.

Allison Saget, Consultant, Event BLT

Top Team

From planning and strategy to organizing and marketing, our team shares a passion for producing amazing events, which influences everything we do.

Great Support

We carefully organize and execute each step, keeping you informed and including you in decisions, while taking the burden off your shoulders.

Amazing Results

The creative use of strategic events delivers targeted results that can significantly contribute to your company’s bottom line and produce an event to remember.

Worry Free

We take care of all the details for you so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the event with your guests.


We work with you to create exceptional results with strategic event solutions.

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Throwing a well-planned event can generate a real buzz among your audience and within your industry.


Our 5 Star Event Strategy has been used successfully by business owners to achieve measureable results. 

Accelerate and Shorten Your Sales Cycle with Event Marketing for Your Business