Event Types

Fundraising Galas

For the non-profit Executive Director who is competing for the attention of their donors, or the Development Director whose needs to meet fundraising goals, fundraising gala events are an excellent way to bring attention to your charitable organization. This is a great opportunity to show your donors why your organization is special and why they should increase their contributions. Your cause is important; make sure your donors know the impact you have on their community.
Let us help you share the mission and goals of your organization by choosing the proper type of event to host. We’ll help with the management of your committee and even with your budget to weigh potential costs against potential earnings.

  • What price are people willing to pay for a fundraising event ticket?
  • What are the most popular auction items?
  • Is social media the best communication tool?
  • What kind of food and beverage service do they expect for the price of their ticket?
  • Which hors d’oeuvres keep attendees coming back?
  • Are people attracted to events with themes?
  • Do people really want to hear a speech from the organization’s president?

Through attendee surveys, focus groups and event analytics, Executive Events has the answers to these questions and more. We will work with you to create program awareness and collaborate with contributors that have a direct impact on the health of your organization. Let’s get your fundraising gala started today.

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