Event Types

Lunch & Learn Seminars

Seminars have a direct impact on your business development program because they offer something of immediate tangible value to your target customer. It is proven to be easier to get an appointment with a prospect after they’ve attended a seminar. A lunch & learn seminar is more relaxed and less formal than a typical sales meeting. It will be easier for the presenter to ask questions from the audience and to find out what may motivate them to buy your product or service.
Executive Events can help you choose and test timely and popular seminar topics. We can help with the creation of marketing materials and promote your seminar to the appropriate networks. We can monitor registrations, give attendees a reminder phone call and manage registration the day of the seminar.
Some businesses offer seminars sporadically, struggle to build attendance and then give up. Don’t let past experiences stop you from trying a new approach. A lunch & learn event can be used as a strategic lead generation tool. Well planned, administered and marketed seminars can be a catalyst for experiencing delightful results in your business development program.

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