Virginia Maritime’s 100 Year Celebrations

The Scenario

The Virginia Maritime Association wanted to celebrate 100 years of maritime industry growth and the 100th anniversary of being founded.  They had an internal team that handled their weekly and monthly events but needed additional assistance on these extra events.

The Challenge

These events would be held in various cities throughout the state of Virginia and thus required a different set of vendors and venues for each one.  Also, major decisions needed to be approved by the Board of Directors in order to proceed.  The biggest challenge of all was that the last three events would occur during the pandemic and had to be postponed, cancelled, or switched to virtual.

The Solution

Executive Events was brought in to help with the planning and management of all events.  The goal was to make them as cohesive as possible and to offer the same engaging attendee experience for all.  For the events that were scheduled during the pandemic, two of the three were held eventually.  One was turned into a smaller outside event and the other was re-planned as a successful virtual event.



Team Members