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 If you have done in-person events in the past and not sure what to do now, we can help!

The pandemic put a damper on your events.  You thought about virtual events but figure you’ll wait till things get back to normal and just go back to the way you’ve done them before. But there’s only the “new normal”. We will help you determine whether or not to transition your in-person event into an amazing and engaging virtual or hybrid event or continue as an in-person event. You can still get leads, still raise money, still train, still award and still promote your company through an event or event series.

We Handle the Details

Executive Events is a corporate event planning and management company that provides a full suite of integrated services to plan and manage your business events. You can have peace of mind knowing that your event is being handled by experts in the industry.  We take care of  the details so that you can focus on your business and relationships without the worries and logistical responsibilities of planning and managing an event.

Recent Events

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Virginia Maritime Association’s 100 Year Celebrations

virginia maritime association richmond signing ceremony

Smiles Across the Miles Fundraiser 2020

virtual events production and management

Launching Futures
Awards Dinner/Fundraiser

STEM awards dinner

Smiles Across the Miles Fundraiser 2021

Smiles Across the Miles Virtual Fundraiser 2021
corporate event planning and management

Why we are different

The key to hosting a successful event is being clear on your goals.

We take the time to understand your event goals and objectives and work closely with you to develop a custom strategy to achieve your targets.

We create and capitalize on the personal interaction you’ll have with your ideal audience. Anyone can throw a good party, but this isn’t about throwing a good party. This is about hitting business objectives.

Our attention to detail, event expertise and organizational system ensures a seamless event with an engaging audience experience.

Let’s discuss your upcoming event to determine if virtual is the right option and how to get started!

5 star rating

Executive Events is a wonderful company to work with and has a great understanding of the client’s needs.  They are resourceful and detail oriented in fulfilling both organizational and technical portions of the event.

Gary Gauldin

Founder, RVAV

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