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We are small business owners, so we understand the challenges.  We wear multiple hats and juggle responsibilites too.  We know what it’s like to balance business growth and staffing. While we are not a technology company, we are well-versed in numerous virtual event platforms and business automation tools. We understand how daunting it can be to determine the best use of technology for your events. We’re here to help! We are in the business of people. We take the time to understand the business behind your events and provide you with a personalized service and strategy.

We want your events to be successful so your business can grow.  We’d like to play a part in developing your event strategy and work with you year after year to achieve success!

Meet our team

Deany Dormer

Event Strategist/Owner

I love working with businesses to plan events that target company objectives. Whatever your objective, we want you to embrace the event opportunities available to you through live marketing and put this powerful medium to work for you.

I started Executive Events because I found that most business owners don’t realize the power of events.   They have either tried events and dismissed them as too expensive and time consuming or they feel they are really not getting the return on investment they desire. Many business owners are putting on a moderately successful event, but it’s taxing their staff and they are not sure how to take it to the next level.  

The most important factor is to make sure that your events are actually hitting business objectives.  A strategically planned and managed business event that speaks directly to your target customer can accomplish your goals. Business events with clear definitions of what the desired result is and how we should get there is the foundation of a winning process.

Heather McEntee

Event and Marketing Project Manager

Working with small businesses is one of my passions.  I enjoy helping business owners identify and develop strategies to promote their companies.  I believe events can be a great addition to the marketing plan and an excellent way to get a personal connection with your target audience.

I am experienced in small business and non-profit operations, marketing and communications.  I have various marketing certifications from Hubspot and the American Marketing Association.

While I value measurement and analysis to guide decision making, I also believe nurturing relationships should not take a backseat to the daily activities of running a business.

Catherine Charlton

Catherine Charlton

Marketing Assistant

Priya Jain

Priya Jain

Research Assistant

Carole Manges

Carole Manges

Administrative Assistant

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