Smiles Across the Miles

The Scenario

Our non-profit client relies on fundraising events to secure the income they need to operate.  Due to COVID restrictions, they were prevented from having an in-person fundraising event.  Time was of the essence to pivot and determine another way of raising the money they needed.

The Challenge

They had only done in-person events so were unfamiliar with how to set-up and manage a virtual event and how to use a virtual event to raise money. They also weren’t sure how to integrate speakers from multiple locations in multiple countries and how to create the right mix of live streaming vs. pre-recorded video. They wanted to make sure that the quality of videos was high enough and that the presenters all had the correct internet speed and bandwidth. Finally, how could they create an engaging event that was more than just a live stream and boring talking head?

The Solution

Executive Events was brought in to help determine how to move forward with this event.  The client already had a good idea of who the presenters would be and some of the pre-recorded content that would be included.  We discussed and researched virtual platforms and decided on a registration solution where we could also broadcast the event.  We utilized StreamYard to host and mix the live presenters with the pre-recorded video.  We also brainstormed on some of the surprise elements based on the client’s corporate connections and came up with a target message and band performance by One Republic and a shout-out from well-known actress Kate Walsh!


Different Locations


Team Members