Almost every company organizes events to promote their products and services. These events play an important role in helping companies grow their business effectively. With the advancements in technology and growing expectations of attendees, events have gone mobile. Attendees now appreciate getting all the required event information at their fingertips. On one hand where these apps have made it truly convenient for attendees to participate in events, on the other hand, sponsors have found a great platform in these apps to reach their target audience.
What are the various benefits that these event mobile apps hold for the various participants of an event? Below are some of the advantages that event management applications render, not just to event organizers and attendees, but also venue owners and exhibitors:

Event Organizers

What they are able to offer with the apps

  • Real time alerts and updates
  • Admin access to users
  • Analytics of the page view traffic
  • A channel for promoting forthcoming events
  • They are also able to provide various other value added services

Event organizers can generate revenues from

  • Banner advertisements
  • Click through profiles
  • Sponsorship
  • Sponsored listings of search results
  • Premium enhanced listings of exhibitors
  • Exhibitor logos

Apart from revenue generation and value added services, use of mobile applications can allow organizers to market their events as cutting-edge, as well as give attendees a single platform to obtain information about all their events.
Benefits that attendees get

  • They are able to get all the required information on the go, without any need to carry papers or documents. They can get
  • information on exhibitors, speakers, and all other participants
  • Live Q&As allow users to post questions
  • They can get live updates on social media platforms
  • Floor maps help them to locate theaters, exhibitors and amenities
  • Other service included maps, QR codes, weather forecasts etc.
  • Connecting to other attendees, marking sessions and speakers have become easy with these apps.

Venue Owners

  • Venue owners can increase analytics of the visitors
  • Venue branded apps can help to increase brand values
  • Venue amenities and services can be promoted effectively
  • Venue owners using event mobile apps can get an edge over other competitors as they can offer added advantages to the event organizers.


  • Banner advertisements can help them stand out in the crowd.
  • They can get additional sponsorships for spaces that they want to advertise in
  • They can collect prospects data with the help of QR code integration
  • Collateral sharing with prospects helps in immediate marketing

Attendees are able to participate in and build relationships during events like never before. Interaction through events have become extremely advanced with the use of these apps. From private events to industry leaders, all prefer event management applications for organizing events over any other event management tool. Among several service providers of event mobilization, only few have been able to make it to the top. With them, events are not only well organized, but also offer successful sessions.
About The Author
John Murphy has been following the advancements taking place in the World Wide Web for a very long time. His research and studies show, among the many event mobile apps, event2mobile is an undisputed application that has all the required and several unique features for an effective event management.


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