At conferences, exhibitions and product launches promotional gifts are one the most versatile and cost effective ways to get your company noticed.
Everyone likes to pick up a selection of freebies when attending these events but there are a number of things to take into consideration when selecting the products for your campaign.

  • Make sure your chosen items are relevant to your business.
  • Get the best quality you can but stay within budget.
  • Choose something that will make you stand out from your competitors.

One excellent way to get the maximum exposure is to have available a supply of printed bags which provide a large print area and will be on display throughout the event as people walk around with them. Another advantage is that they will be putting your competitors branded items inside the bag so that it will still be your corporate message that people will see.
Promotional pens and mugs are still very popular but you might like to try something a little different like printed USB flash drives which are becoming essential to modern businesses and have a higher perceived value to the customers.
Branded clothing and lanyards are also useful tools and can be worn by your representatives as well as being given away to members of the public.
Logo printed keyrings are also very popular items and will continue to carry your message long after the event is over. A surprising variety of keyrings are available ranging from the standard plastic ones to high quality leather fobs which can be embossed or foil blocked. There is also the opportunity to combine two functions in one by choosing a keyring that incorporates a USB flash drive for example.
Novelty items provide that touch of humour and entertainment value that is so often missing from modern campaigns and shaped stress toys are one of the most popular making them likely to be valued over a prolonged period. Many other items come in standard novelty shapes with bespoke options often available so it is worth exploring these to find one that best represents your business.
Other less obvious options for corporate events are personalized drink bottles which can contain still or sparkling water or fruit flavored drinks. Confectionery items such as sweets and chocolates can also carry your branding making your stand even more attractive.
As you can see there are a wide variety of promotional gifts options to make your next conference, exhibition or product launch a resounding success.
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