The Importance of Determining Your Event Audience

Getting Started with Virtual Events: Pre-Event Success Series #2


Putting on a great event that achieves your business goals can be a challenge, but with the right strategy your event will be a success. Once you have determined that hosting a virtual event is right for your business and you have set your goal, the next step is to determine your audience.  Determining your event audience is important so you can design your event to meet the needs of that ideal audience. (Tweet This!)  When planning your virtual event you need to know who your specific audience is and what goals of theirs you will deliver during the event.

Why is Determining Your Event Audience Important?

Determining your event audience is important so you can include content that will actually apply to them. (Tweet This!) If you are planning to hold a product demonstration, you should invite people in your product’s target market. If this is a recognition event for those in a certain industry, people from outside that industry may not be interested.  For an internal event, know that entry-level employees may have different needs than senior-level management.

Determining your event audience is important so you can include content that will actually apply to them Also consider:

  • Age range
  • Tech savviness
  • Interests
  • Knowledge of product
  • Motivations for using your products/services
  • Job type/industry
  • Job level

You can invite a wide range of people but you should tailor your content, presentations and experiences to one target niche. Once you know who you are inviting, you need to consider their goals for attending the event.

Why You Need to Know Their Goals

You may design a fabulous event, but if it serves no purpose for your audience, or you do not clearly convey that message, they may not attend. You need to know what the event audience’s goals are so you can create the right experience for them and choose the correct virtual platform that will allow you to achieve success. (Tweet This!) For example, if networking is an audience goal, then choosing a platform that allows for networking sessions is paramount. Including time for a meet-and-greet or a specific networking activity will be a part of the ideal experience.  Also, when you know your audience, you’ll more easily be able to determine which speakers are most appropriate. In addition, you’ll be better adept at developing supplemental content that will add great value.

Example of Audience Goals and How to Meet Them

  1. Education
  2. Networking
  3. Learn about a product or Service


Research has shown that one of the most important reasons for attending virtual events is for professional and personal development. Attendees desire continuing education opportunities and the chance to learn new skills in order to stay abreast of new innovations in their industry. Professional and personal development can happen through targeted content, learning sessions, product or service education and more. Make sure to communicate your event offerings clearly. If prospective attendees can plainly see the developmental benefits offered, they will be eager to register for your event.


The second most important reason individuals and professionals attend events is for the networking opportunities offered. Mingling with others in the industry, meeting potential clients and vendors is important for keeping business alive. If this is an important goal for your attendees, then you need to allow time in the schedule for this to happen organically or offer a specific networking session or area.  A tool like a mobile event app could The second most important reason individuals and professionals attend events is for the networking opportunities offeredhelp your attendees connect with one another. An event app can even include the ability to make in-person appointments with one another for a private video chat. On your virtual event platform, you can create virtual meeting spaces, like a virtual lounge, where cocktail hours and breakout meet-and-greets can take place. Consider offering a private networking room to connect.

A virtual cocktail hour can also be a stand-alone event to give colleagues at your company an opportunity to mingle and network. You could hold one for your customers or industry peers to foster new relationships and strengthen existing ones. In addition to the general group mingle, have them break out into separate interest groups for predetermined or free-flow discussions to foster connection.

In your pre-event promotion, make sure to communicate the fact that there will be networking opportunities at your event. This ensures that your participants know that this goal of theirs will be met.

Learn About Products or Services

Another reason to attend an event is to learn about products or services.Another reason to attend an event is to learn about products or services.  Your attendees can gain deeper insight into the way your product works and learn about the benefits it offers. During an in-person event, attendees can handle and examine products and participate in product-use demonstrations. Since they will be unable to touch the product themselves you will need to re-imagine the way you present your product or service.  Some options include product/service demo videos, customer testimonials, interactive product/service Q&A and panel discussions.  You could even build an interactive augmented reality feature into your virtual presentation related to the use of your product or service.

Keep in mind that with a virtual event, you can allow your attendees to have access to the event for weeks or months afterward so they can browse products in their own time after the event has concluded. Let your attendees know how long after the event this information will be available. 

Determining Your Event Audience is Paramount

To make the best of your virtual event, determining your event audience is paramount. You must be extremely clear about the make-up of your audience and what their goals are. Once the attendees know if and how you will add value to them, they will be more likely to register and attend. Make sure to communicate this clearly in your event promotion messaging. This strategy will streamline your planning and maximize your event’s impact. 

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